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New From Norseman – Signage

Custom Warehouse Signage
Sign On Stand Customisable Sign With Post
Standard Post Display Sign

Stand Signs For Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Here at Norseman we’ve designed signage for a vast range of uses. For Point of Sale displays, dividing areas of warehouses or stores, giving notices or information, holding devices or other tech, or for safety signs for example when machinery is in use or heavy-duty equipment is being moved. Signage can also be added to existing products throughout our website such as conveyors or workbenches and can be designed for outdoor and indoor spaces. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here get in touch with us to design around your requirements. We’ve made everything from large store signage to small bus stop signs. 

Key Features

  • Compact design, doesn’t take up a lot of shop floor space. 
  • Can be bolted to the floor or designed to be moved around. 
  • Can be made height adjustable. 
  • Can be made to any size or shape to fit different types of signs. 
  • Device holders, baskets, small shelves and lights can be added as required.
  • Signs can be made for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Choice of coloured powder coat.
  • Optional branding, labels/markers.
  • Built by our expert team on site.
  • Made to suit your requirements.
  • Made in the UK.

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