Our workbenches offer complete, integrated and bespoke solutions for distribution centers across the UK and abroad. 

We offer both our standard pre-designed basic workbenches and custom orders made to your specifications so you can maximise space in your workplace. 

 All of our benches are delivered to your premises fully assembled & ready to use.


Get in touch about your workbench. You can send us a sketch of your idea using The Order Form.


Collaborate with our design team to build your design. We also provide 3D CAD drawings.


Order Directly From Our uK Warehouse. Pricing discounts are available for large bulk orders.


Have your products shipped directly to your premises.


Add On Customisation options

Small Roll Holders

Large Roll Holders

Packaging Cutters

Computer and Monitor Stations

Electrical Sockets

Weighing Scales

Signal Lights

Pigeon Holes

Built In Lighting

Multi Level Shelving

Peg, Pin and Mesh Boards


Wheels and Castors

Racks and Dividers

Bins and Boxes

Hooks, Bars and Hoops


Height Adjustable

Not what you’re looking for? Be sure to get in touch with us if you require any additional add ons or accessories. 

Worktop customisation options


Lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, cost-effective and 100% recyclable. There's a good reason why aluminium is the ideal choice for not only industrial products but also for finishing worktops.

Mild Steel

Robust, affordable, ductile - so it absorbs stresses, malleable - so we can bend it into almost any shape and 100% recyclable. Ideal for equipment with moving parts.


Timeless, paintable, visually appealing, easily adapted or added to. And being softer and less heat-absorbing than metal means it's ideal for use as an alternative to a metal worktop.


Melamine faced mdf is affordable, wipe clean, lightweight, UV, moisture and scratch resistant. It can be supplied in a range of colours and wood effects and because of it's modern look it can be applied to a wide range of furniture.

Colour Customisation

Powder coating can be applied to metals, mdf and plastics providing a high quality, hard-wearing, chip and UV resistant, corrosion resistant and eco-friendly coloured finish to products. It’s a common method of coating and you’ll have seen it on many every day products. 

RAL is a European colour matching system that defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics. It’s a collection of 2,530 colours that are used within the industry to ensure colours are consistent.

Because of the wide range of colour choices we can’t provide all the options on our product listings. However, if you have products with a RAL colour you need to match or if you need a specific custom colour in mind you can view the full range of RAL colours

Talk to A Designer

You can either contact us directly at: 01132 566556 Email us at: You can use our live chat to discuss your design or fill out the order form below.

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