Bespoke Office PODS

Office pods are a space saving solution for businesses that need more office functionality but maybe don’t have the space for standard open cubicles. Pods can be designed to provide extra work spaces, sound proofed for online calls and meetings (Zoom, Skype, Teams etc), set up to hold one to one meetings in privacy, for making and taking phone calls or fitted with screens and speakers for training purposes. Whatever you need a pod for we can build it for you. We can even make them mobile for you to wheel them away when not in use or to transport to corporate events. 

All of our office pods are delivered to your premises fully assembled & ready to use.


Get in touch about your Requirements. You can send us a sketch of your idea using The Order Form.


Collaborate with our design team to build your design. We also provide 3D CAD drawings.


Order Directly From Our uK Warehouse. Pricing discounts are available for large bulk orders.


Have your products shipped directly to your premises.


Colour Customisation

Powder coating can be applied to metals providing a high quality, hard-wearing, chip and UV resistant, corrosion resistant and eco-friendly coloured finish to products. It’s a common method of coating and you’ll have seen it on many every day products. 

RAL is a European colour matching system that defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics. It’s a collection of 2,530 colours that are used within the industry to ensure colours are consistent.

Because of the wide range of colour choices we can’t provide all the options on our product listings. However, if you have products with a RAL colour you need to match or if you need a specific custom colour in mind you can view the full range of RAL colours

Choose From 18 Colours

Aqua Smart Colour Range

Our Aqua Smart colour range is available primarily on our clearing trolleys, salad bars, library trolleys, lunch box trolleys and some workstations. There are 14 standard colours and 4 wood effects. 

These hard wearing coloured surfaces are water and UV resistant, wipe clean and hygienic. Colour choices are available on products when ordering.

Wheel Options

The images below are of the most frequently used castor wheel options – we can source other types of wheels on request.

Custom Branding, Logos, lettering and Images

Branding & Logos : We know your brand is a vital part of your identity as a business or organisation. So we offer custom logo printing. These hard wearing transfers are water and UV resistant. 

All we require from you is a high resolution PSD, INDD, PDF, AI, JPG or PNG file and we’ll print and apply your transfer in any size required in high quality vinyl. 

Lettering, labels and other images: If you need labels or other text or images applying to any product you can do this either when you purchase or, if we don’t have the options you need, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you. 

All we require from you is a high quality PSD, INDD, PDF, AI, JPG, PNG, TXT, or DOC/DOCX file and we’ll print and apply your transfer in any size required in high quality vinyl. 

Talk to a Designer

You can either contact us directly at: 01132 566556
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You can use our live chat to discuss your design or fill out the order form below.

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Office Pod Side Wall And Steps
Double Drying Room Pods On Location
Office Pod With Ramp

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